Visit the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum through a Virtual Field Trip!

Virtual Field Trip

The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum is proud to announce our new Virtual Field Trip program. Choose from our list of program offerings and take your students into our museum from the comfort of your home or classroom.

Benefits of a Virtual Field Trip

  • Distance and e-learning: Bring the wonders of the museum and gallery to your students wherever they are
  • A great opportunity to start inquiry or project-based learning
  • Speak with experts in various fields: education, engineering, curator and collections
  • An authentic learning experience
  • Custom content delivery for your classroom needs
  • Allow students to develop critical questioning skills
  • Promote collaboration opportunities between students and educators worldwide
  • Our flexible scheduling offerings to work around your planning and class times
  • Cross-curriculum connections: STEM, Science & Technology, Language Arts, Social Studies, Transportation
  • Elementary to Post-Secondary programs available
  • Various platforms: Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, WebX, let us know what you are using and we will do our best to accommodate your tech needs.
  • No busing costs or permission forms

Program Offerings

Program Length: 30 - 45 minutes
Maximum Participants: 30
Cost: $150

Our Educational Programming is always growing and adapting to the needs of our participants. In anticipation of continued e-learning/distance education, we will work with you to provide the best fit of curricular content. With a focus on Science and History, from Theory of Flight to our Wartime Experience, explore our list of program offerings and contact us for inquiries on adapting to your classes’ diverse needs.

No matter the distance, your students can interact with our educators and experts to explore topics such as:

  • Properties of Air
  • Theory of Flight
  • Aircraft Construction
  • World War II Canadian History
No recording of these sessions is permitted.

 Virtual Education Programs

These programs can be adapted for elementary, secondary, post-secondary and adult interest groups.

 Book Virtual Field Trip

For further information and to schedule your virtual visit, contact Christine Stevenson at or 905-679-4183 Ext. 222.

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