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Description: K.W. MacKenzie DFC, AFC, AE, served with 501 Sqn. on Hurricanes during the Battle of Britain. On the 7th of October 1940 the squadron having been scrambled to intercept enemy aircraft, he helped destroy one enemy fighter and engaged a second, damaging it before his ammunition ran out. However, although the 109 slowed somewhat it continued on straight over the channel towards its base. "Mac" describes the incident "I ended up formating on him on his port side, in close formation as it were. My starboard wing tip was positioned over his port tail plane as I put on hard starboard aileron. Bringing the wing sharply down onto the port tail plane the last 3 feet or so of my wing broke off. It went upwards and backwards in the slip stream. His port tail plane broke off, no other damage noticed, and he plunged down to port into the sea."
Additional Info: Overall Size 20"x26", Image 15"x21" -Artist Brian Withams.

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