Air Combat Zone at Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

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Experience the thrill of Air Combat Action!

Experience live head-to-head dogfighting action flying missions in F-18 Hornet flight simulators!

Don't be mistaken: this isn't a video game!
According to the real world fighter pilots that fly with us the experience we provide is as close as you can get to the real thing without joining the Air Force!
When you climb aboard an Air Combat Zone simulator, and settle into the ejection seat, you'll be amazed at the realism of your F-18 Hornet simulators cockpit. The live instrumentation, working heads up display, replica HOTAS throttle and stick and giant view of the world outside your cockpit combine to convince you you're flying a Hornet for real!

How realistic are our simulators?
Super Dave Pletz, the 2004 CF-18 Hornet demo team pilot and many other "been there, done that" front line fighter pilots that have flown with us all describe our simulators the same way - "AWESOME"!

"I've flown the new CF-18 simulator in Cold Lake - yours is very good in comparison", Pitch Molner, ex-CF-18 pilot. Fact is, our four CF-18 Hornet fighter jet combat flight simulators are the closest thing to actually flying a Hornet available to the public. Add our ability to network the simulators for live action head-to-head dogfights against each and you're in for some high octane fun when you fly a mission with us.

Don't know how to fly? No problem!
Your Air Combat Zone experience includes a pre-flight mission briefing to give you the instruction you need to survive in the cyber skies. You'll also get all the mission support you need from our staff in the control tower to help deliver high-octane jet fighter excitement!


Introductory Scramble Mission SPECIAL $19.95
(20 minutes, museum admission required, book in person - first come, first serve)

Additional Missions Available By Advanced Bookings

Three additional Standard Missions can be booked in advance - 40, 60 and 80 minute Missions. Pre-booking saves you the cost of Admission (as it's included) plus it ensures availability.

To book any of the additional Missions, visit the Air Combat Zone website or contact them direct at or 905-602-4775.

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