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A Message from
Chairman Christopher H. Freeman
President/CEO David G. Rohrer

The story of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum’s flying Lancaster, one of only two Lancaster aircraft still flying in the world today, is legendary to say the least.  From 1977 when the RCAF FM 213 was first acquired from the Royal Canadian Legion in Goderich, Ontario with the help of the Sulley Foundation to 1988 when it was first flown after being fully restored as the “Mynarski Memorial Lancaster” KB726 VR-A, to today having successfully flown the aircraft for 27 years in museum flight operations; the Lancaster continues to be the worthy recipient of thousands of museum members and supporters, who have all made this dream possible.

Our Lancaster was built by Victory Aircraft in Malton, Ontario in 1945, at the current site  of Lester B. Pearson International Airport by fellow Canadians and is the crown jewel of the museum collection.  Over the last 27 years this iconic aircraft has been flown in memory of the thousands of Canadian airmen, ground crew, and civilian workers at home who served our country in time of need and has inspired many new generations of Canadians to learn about this era of sacrifice. In 2014 we successfully completed a 7 week “UK Lanc Tour” and united the last 2 airworthy Lancasters in the world in a “Once in a Lanc Time” aerial display and salute to the Bomber Command Veterans, both past and present.  As such our Lancaster VR-A was the last Lancaster to fly the North Atlantic and although she was 69 years old, performed flawlessly on the Trans-Atlantic flights.

Thanks to supporters such as yourself we have been able to overhaul 3 of the Packard Merlin 224 engines over the past few years and make provisions to replace all 4  propellers as and when due .

This year we need to overhaul the 4th engine which is nearing the end of its normal operating life. Fortunately the museum already has all the professional contacts and normal business relationships in place with the two engine overhaul facilities that have the capability to overhaul these V12 engines and we will be able to operate VR-A throughout the planned overhaul sequence, but the cost of this engine overhaul and specialty work is significant.

With your continued faithful financial support and special donations in support of the “Lancaster Engine Overhaul Program” we can raise the funds necessary to keep VR-A in our Canadian skies for many, many years to come. I hope you will please help us by saying yes to this funding appeal and that you will also know that by doing so, you are a very important part of the continuing legacy of VR-A and her flying salute to perhaps the “Greatest Generation of Canadians” to ever serve our country.

Thank you most sincerely,

P.S. For donations of $250.00 or higher you will receive a replica of the data plate which is on the engine that is awaiting overhaul.

For the first 8 donations of $5,000.00 or greater you will receive a mounted Merlin 224 V12 cylinder and plaque from the engine which flew on VR-A as the last Lancaster to fly the North Atlantic when she crossed the Atlantic eastbound on August 5-8, 2014 and returned flying westbound on September 23-28, 2014.

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