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Description: The “Grey Book” (2021)
This book illustrates RCN aircraft finish and markings used between 1944 and 1968, expanding further on the material covered in the first volume published in 2007. This is designed as the companion for the first book and also as a stand-alone book on the subject. This volume tells the story in text, photos and drawings of the Canadian Naval Air Arm, from the beginning with the manning of HMS Nabob and HMS Puncher, the two escort carriers starting in late 1943 in Vancouver, until the demise of the Royal Canadian Navy in 1968.

Aircraft types include: Avro Anson Mk.V; Grumman Avenger TBM-3E, AS 3 Mk 1, AS 3 Mk.1/ECM, AS 3 Mk 2, AS 3M, AS 3M2, TBM-3W2 and Target Tug; McDonnell Banshee; Barracuda Mk.II and Mk.III; Beechcraft Expeditor; Fairey Firefly FR.I, T.I, T.2, FR.IV and AS.5; North American Harvard; Sikorsky HO4S; Bell HTL-4/6; Piasecki HUP; Hawker Sea Fury F.10 and FB.11; Sikorsky Sea King; Supermarine Seafire Mk.III and Mk.XV; Canadair Silver Star; Fairey Swordfish; de Havilland Tiger Moth; Grumman Tracker S-2A, CS2F-1, CS2F-2 and CS2F-3 and the Supermarine Walrus Mk.I and Mk.II.
Additional Info: Spiral bound
152 pages (14 in colour + 4 covers)
130+ drawings
over 360 photos
plus a further 60+ colour.

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