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Description: The McDonnell F-101 Voodoo (nicknamed One-oh-Wonder") first flew in September 1954
with the first production F-101A making its first operational flight in May 1957. In September
1957 the F-101C became operational followed by the F-101B in January 1959. When
production ended 807 Voodoos had been created, 480 of them were the two-seat all-
weather interceptor F-101Bs. The RF-101 reconnaissance version was the world’s first
supersonic photo-recon aircraft. The only major foreign operator of the Voodoo was the
Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) that acquired 56 CF-101B and 10 CF-101F.

In 1970 the USAF agreed to exchange 58 CF-101s and to supply Canada with 66 ex-USAF
F-101s. One of these aircraft was s/n 57-0380 and became CF-101 s/n 101043. The
aircraft spent most of its time with the 416 Lynx Squadron in Chatham, New Brunswick. In
1984 this aircraft was given a special paint scheme, “Lynx One” to celebrate the 60th
Anniversary of the Canadian Air Force and the end of the Voodoo in Canada. The aircraft is
on display at the Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum, Halifax.
Scale: 1/72

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